Week 1 – Friday, June 22

Friday, Fri-yay! We are celebrating an amazing, productive, and imaginative Week 1 at Create Camps. As campers in grades K-6 wrap up projects from the week, Drawing & Painting (7-9) will continue their conversation on color theory, abstraction, and symbolism into next week–as is unique to our two-week intensive Teen Studios.

Today campers in Mini Makers worked in clay to make pinch pots, and Eco Art created felt to construct funky fabrications. Punk Camp and Paint & Pop used cameras to snap moments of self-expression–I mean, it’s not every day that you get to direct your own photo shoot!

Questions for Campers:
Mini Makers: How do you make a pinch pot?
Punk Camp: How did you stage your Punk band photo shoot?
Eco Art: What is the process of felting?
Paint & Pop: What photo developing method (inspired by Andy Warhol) did you use today?
Drawing & Painting: What does monochromatic mean? How did you apply this term to your works this week?


Week 1 – Thursday, June 21

We love sunny days! Today campers enjoyed the sunshine both inside and outside the studios. Eco Art and Drawing & Painting (Teens) hiked around campus to study the flora (and fauna) in the Japanese Gardens and sunken gardens at Cranbrook House.

Mini Makers learned about collaboration, pattern, and texture in their class weaving. Paint & Pop made miniatures and learned about Pop influences on Punk graphics while Punk Campers experimented in surface embellishment.

Questions for Campers
Mini Makers: How do you weave?
Punk Camp: What does D-I-Y mean?
Eco Art: What is activism? On what issue did you make your poster from today?
Paint & Pop: What is onomatopoeia? How did you create your onomatopoeia posters?
Drawing & Painting (Teens): What still life objects did you choose for your drawing?

Week 1 – Wednesday, June 20

Let’s look, let’s discuss! Did you know people spend less than 30 seconds on average looking at a single artwork? In Create Camps, campers spend between 30-45 minutes looking at and discussing artwork each day. Today campers studied works by Wilhelm Rupprecht and Andy Warhol. Check out art-engagements from today in the following photos.

Questions for Campers
Mini Makers: What materials did you use to make your stained-glass picture?
Punk Camp: What does your button say?
Eco Art: What nature objects did you use in your weaving? What is snake rock?
Paint & Pop: What is screen printing? What makes an artwork pop?
Drawing & Painting (Teens): What are your favorite watercolor techniques from today?

Week 1 – Tuesday, June 19

POP! ZOOM! POW! Campers in Mini Makers and Punk learned about band names and onomatopoeia in posters from the new Punk show. Here at Create Camps, we get to look at art objects and discover new processes, every day!

In Eco Art, Paint & Pop, and Drawing & Painting (Teens), campers learned formal techniques in paper weaving and value drawings. 

Questions for Campers: 
Mini Makers: What onomatopoeia did you use in your artwork?
Punk Camp: What is the logo you design for your band name?
Eco Art: Reducereuse… and, what is the last one? What are some materials that could be easily reused?
Paint & Pop: How can you create value in a still life sketch?
Drawing & Painting (Teens): What item changes in a value scale? 

Week 1 – Monday, June 18

Welcome Week 1 Campers! Between paint, pom-poms, and promenades, we would say that it’s been a successful first day at Create Camps.

Campers learned new words like typography, techniques in color theory and papier-mache, and artists such as Roy Lichtenstein. We did not even mind the heat–especially in our air conditioned studios.

Check out the snapshots from the day, and use the following prompts to ask your camper about their Monday-making experience.

Questions to ask your Campers
Mini Makers: What does your superhero do?
Punk Camp: What materials did you use to create your instrument?
Eco Art: What does promenade mean? How did Eco Art campers engage in a promenade, today?
Paint & Pop: What are Ben-Day dots? What did you use to create the Ben-Day effect?
Drawing & Painting (Teens): What senses inspired your art, today?

Meet the Staff – Shelly!

The countdown is on… only three days until Create Camps begins! Our summer staff are eagerly awaiting camper arrival. Until then, meet Shelly–one of our stellar Week 1 Teaching Artists.

Eco Art Teaching Artist: Shelly

shelly profile

Name: Shelly

Summer Position: Teaching Artist for Eco Art (Grades 1-6)

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Cranbrook Academy of Art graduation year + Department: 2018 Metals

Tell us about your artistic practice, former or current: I am a jeweler! I make small scale, wearable artwork that includes necklaces and earrings as well as brooches and eye-wear. 

How many years have you been with Cranbrook? Two years as a Graduate Student! 

What is your favorite place on Cranbrook’s campus and why? The Greek Theater where I like to go in the summer, sit on the steps, and read in the sun.

Tell us your favorite summer activity: Swimming (in oceans, lakes, rivers, and outdoor pools).

What’s your favorite food? Salads that I make, in freestyle fashion.

Week 8, day 5 – Aug 18th!

We can’t believe it’s here: the LAST day of Create Camps! Thank you to our WONDERFUL families and campers. Our staff had so much fun this summer, learned lots and lots, and truly enjoyed spending time with your campers. We hope to see you again next year!

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Today Minis visited the vault to learn from a painting by Jonathan Lasker. They talked about the painting’s layered colors, shapes, and gestural movements used by the artist. Back in the studio Mini’s created their own layered scribble collages.


EXPLORE: Art & Nature (1st-2nd)

Explorers went on a campus walk to gather leaves and sticks in interesting shapes and sizes. These found materials were laid on tote bags painted with light sensitive ink. They spent the afternoon in the sun printing shapes on top. Campers also learned about Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and imagined their own spiral rock patterns.


MOLD I: Ceramics & Clay (3rd-4th)

This morning Mini Molder’s built platforms for their ceramics castles, complete with moats and bridges. They also built a set to install their underwater sea sculptures. This afternoon campers talked about all the projects they sculpted over the past two weeks, critiquing what they liked, what they didn’t like, what was difficult, and how they overcame those challenges.


MOLD II: Ceramics & Clay (5th-6th)

Mold II assembled their fired ceramic pieces, including their letter banners and floating face mobiles. In the afternoon they continued working with sculpy to build puppets, animals, snacks, and beads.


DESIGN: Spaces & Places (7th-9th, teen workshop)

Designers visited the beautiful Japanese gardens, where they spent the morning sketching plants and structures in the garden. This afternoon they turned their sketches into hanging garden models, translating 2D sketches into 3D forms, and talked about kinetic artwork.