Week 8- Tuesday, August 14th

Tuesdays ‘Tudes are rocking with optimism and creativity!

There were quite a few sleepy eyes this morning, but that didn’t stop us from making some PRETTY COOL works of art today!

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word Zine. What is a zine you ask? A zine is a small, self-published work of text and images- like a magazine! Sometimes these are online, sometimes you find them at the local library, sometimes they may just circulate a small town or institution! Today, minis made their own Zines using collage material. Let me tell you- we have some future designers and editors in the group! These pages were popping with stories, photographs, and drawings.

DIY Textile Design (1+2) started the day with some outdoor explorations and activities. They came inside to begin their next project: a yarn wrapping design! The afternoon was filled with an outdoor walk to find natural objects. These objects were placed in a patter

3D Form & Function (3+4)  jumped into the day with paper sculptures! These artists bent, curled, fringed, folded, and ripped colorful papers into 3-Dimensional forms. In the afternoon, third and fourth graders traveled outside to look at the di Suvero sculpture. This was inspiration for their kinetic sculptures once they got back to the studio!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) started the day with more glazing- coil pots! tea pots! slab pots! Oh my! We are so proud of this group for being patient as the clay process unfolds. The afternoon held time for experimentation. The fifth and sixth graders used pre-fired mosaic tiles to create original designs.

Ceramics & Sculpture Teen campers have been busy at work perfecting the exterior and interior surfaces of their clay pieces. From hairy creatures, to garden gnomes, these artists are creating the COOLEST of forms.

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is a zine? What did you look at in the museum today? Share with your grown-up: Describe the materials you used for your zine today!

DIY Textile Design (1-2): Share with your grown-up: Describe the wrapping techniques you practiced in the morning. What is a cyanotype?

3D Form & Function (3-4): Share with your grown-up: Describe the technique you used to make your 3D paper sculpture pop out. What does kinetic mean?

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What is a mosaic? Share with your grown-up: Describe the consistency of glaze and underglaze. Have you improved as an artist from last week to this week?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): Share with your grown-up: How have you improved as an artist this week? What are you most proud of this week?- this could be about yourself as a person, or about your artwork. Celebrate your triumphs!

Week 8- Monday, August 13th

Motivated on the last Monday of CAM Create Camps!

WOW! We can’t believe this is our last week of art camp! We have met so many friends, and made so many projects. We’re not done yet- and today proved how serious we are about making art this week!

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day rolling coils and molding clay! These young artists created some amazing coil vessels in response to their trip to the vault. The first day was a success!

DIY Textile Design (1+2) The first and second graders took at morning trip to the library today! They partnered up to look through some books that referenced some of the techniques they will be working with this week. In the afternoon, first and second graders created stencil designs for screen printing. Ask your camper about the silkscreen process!

3D Form & Function (3+4)  created wacky forms to store all their future art for the week. In the morning and afternoon, they planned and created their squishy wearables. They worked hard, understanding the process of design- SKETCH, TEMPLATE, MAKE!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers got the chance to see their fired sculptures today! They spent the day glazing in preparation for another firing. Ask your camper about their favorite part of the day today!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teen campers began to glaze their “free sculptures” that they built last week. The glaze party has begun! Glazing allows for a colorful, waterproof, and shiny surface- ask your camper about the steps in creating with clay!


Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What materials did you use today? Share with your grown-up: Explain how you rolled a “snake” to make your vessel.

DIY Textile Design (1-2): What did you do in the library today? Share with your grown-up: Describe the knotting techniques you learned at the beginning of the day. What is a stencil? How are you going to use this stencil later in the week?

3D Form & Function (3-4): What is 3D? What is form? Share with your grown-up: Explain the process of creating your squishy wearable.

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): Share with your grown-up: How do your sculptures look now that they are out of the kiln? What did you glaze today?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): Share with your grown-up: How do your sculptures look now that they are out of the kiln? What did you glaze today?

Week 7- Friday, August 10th

Weekend on our mind, Friday’s feelin’ fine!

It’s the end of art camp for Minis, DIY, and Form & Function and today was a bittersweet goodbye. If you are a clay artist, we get to hang out all next week! What an exciting time at Cranbrook Art Museum camp.

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word “Pattern”. These artist rocked out on their last day with beautiful pattern paintings on canvas. Their expressive marks and bright colors made the room light up!

3D Form & Function (1+2) This morning, first and second graders bent, curled, and twisted paper to make 3D wall hanging designs. These really popped with color and texture! In the afternoon, campers created paper structures like bridges and buildings. These first and second graders showed such creativity this week and we are so proud!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) campers started the morning by adding pattern to their identity flags using all sorts of embellishments. The rest of the day was spent completing their weavings for final display. These artists made us very proud this week and we will surely miss them!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers had an all day underglaze party today! Underglaze allows for color and surface decoration before the sculptures enter the kiln. Tune in next week to see how these turn out. The best part of clay class is the big reveal once the sculptures come out of the kiln!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teen campers finished up underglaze today and started thinking about next week. The kiln has been loaded and we are super excited to see what happens when they come out from the firing! Ask your camper what their favorite project was this week  Stay tuned for more pictures to come.


Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What materials did you use today? What patterns did you create with?

3D Form & Function (1-2): Share with your grown-up: How did you bend, twist, and curl paper to create your 3D wall hanging design?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): Share with your grown-up: How did you use a stamping process for your identity flags? How did you end and tie off your weaving today?

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What is underglaze? At one point in the firing process do you use underglaze?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What forms did you explore today in your sculptures? Share with your grown-up: What does the inside of a kiln look like?

Week 7- Thursday, August 9th

Tryin’ our hardest and makin’ our best today @ CAM Camps!

Today’s sun, cool breeze, and blue skies really kept us motivated to create our best work yet. From recycled object models, to identity flags these artists rocked this day!

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word “model”. The morning began with a trip to the vault to investigate Cranbrook architectural models. Then, it was back to the studio to create some of their own! These sculptures came out very nice- full of form and color.

3D Form & Function (1+2) campers explored lamps by Eliel Saarinen in the vault today. These mini designers took this inspiration with them to the studio. See the photos below of their lamp designs. We are so proud of the first and second graders’ understanding form and space!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) Campers reflected on their cyanotypes with a class critique in the morning. They went to visit fibers pieces by Mark Newport and Sherri Smith in the vault. In the afternoon, artists created identity flags using mixed media. To create their patterns, they used a relief print method (stamping method) and added to these with embellishments such as pom poms and sequins.

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers were working hard today! The fifth and sixth graders made treasure boxes and bobble head figures. These projects need to completely dry out before they go in the kiln to be fired. Check back in with us tomorrow and next week to see what we will do to create surface textures and colors!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teens started their day with a nature walk to gather supplies for clay texture! They worked hard on their in progress sculptures and started some new pieces as well. Ask your teen about their day today! What was their best moment? What was a moment where they saw growth? What do they hope for tomorrow?

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What did you see in the vault today? What is your favorite part about the project you made?

3D Form & Function (1-2): What were the challenges and triumphs of today? Who is Eliel Saarinen? Does your lamp have a function?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): How is your weaving coming along? What colors did you choose and why? Explain to your grown-up the process of using the sewing machine.

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What clay techniques did you learn today? Share with your grown-up: How did you create the bobble head piece so that it will jiggle but not fall off?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What is a relief sculpture? Share with your grown-up:Explain the texture you created with nature objects today.

Week 7- Wednesday, August 8th

Winning on this Wednesday @ CAM Camps!

Today has been full of weaving, sculpting, and mark-making. See the photographs below for a preview of our day! 

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word “re-purpose”. They created wonderful weavings out of recycled materials such as cereal boxes and construction paper. They ended the day with paper containers to take their free drawings home in!

3D Form & Function (1+2) talked about form vs. function today. They designed chairs that served a purpose in their life. From relaxing chairs, to curious kitty chairs, these artists really flew past our expectations. In the afternoon, they created 3D models to showcase their understanding of space and planes using cardboard and tape. Stay tuned to see why they created these models!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) began to create weavings using DIY cardboard looms. They dressed their outfits up with handmade buttons! In the afternoon, third and fourth graders went outside to make cyanotypes. This is a process of using the sun to print an image onto another surface. Ask your camper how this magical process worked!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) completed their tea pot project today and moved on up in the sculpture knowledge! They learned about the pinch pot method in preparation for creating clay bells and even took a trip to the Vaults to explore the intersection of art + music. As a special treat, we heard harmonious tunes from a sculptural work by Harry Bertoia that produces sound! Music continued in-class as these busy campers were jamming to the musical tunes and sculpting all day long.

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens) continued to work hard on their free sculptures in the morning. They rolled out flat slabs for learning sgraffito techniques with pin tools and colored slip. In the gallery, Teens talked about Willem de Kooning and looked at a samples of abstract expressionism and hyper-realism in figure sculpture. This inspired them to work toward personal voice and style within their artwork.

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What recycled materials did you use for your weaving?

3D Form & Function (1-2): What is a model? What materials did you use for your 3D model? Share with your grown-up: Why did you choose to create for your chair design?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): Share with you grown-up: How did you make your weaving today? Tell your grown-up about the sun print process.

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What hand-building technique did you use to make the clay bells? What was your favorite part about the day?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What is sgraffito? Share with your grown-up: Explain the slab-building method. What is colored slip?

Week 7-Tuesday, August 7

Time to MAKE Tuesdays! 

Don’t stop, won’t stop here at Create Camps on Tuesdays. We started the week at a great pace, fabricating wearable sculptures, designing textile prints, and forming clay creations!

Mini Makers (Kindergarten) stamped stamped stamped today! After a trip to the Museum to look at Punk fashion, campers created their own wearable works (shirts) using handmade stamps and intricate patterning. Check out those colors! Following their t-shirt extravaganzas, campers painted newspaper hats in more vibrant colors.

3D Form & Function (1+2) explored patterns, form, and 3D structures in their cardboard sculptures. Campers learned how to assemble and reassembling using jointed pieces and reconfigured in a team format (three cheers for classroom bonding)! In the afternoon, campers learned about dimension and volume in their wall reliefs.

DIY Textile Design (3+4) began their wrapped coil pots which took concentration and focus and a little sparkly string. Campers went to the Plaza Vault to view a textile by Marianne Strengell and learned about her automotive upholstery designs for GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) rolled, traced, and coiled for pots and mugs today. They took at trip to the Ceramics Vault to view teapot works a “Wacky Teapot Party” project! Campers dissected the teapot to its many parts: lid, body, handle, and spout. We are anxiously awaiting to fire and glaze our objects next week.

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens) toured the grounds around Cranbrook Art Museum to look at outdoor sculpture (some made by Cranbrook Academy of Art alum), inspiring their figures project. Later in the afternoon, campers dove into cup creations, developing functional pieces that they will use everyday.

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What tool did you create today? How did you use that tool? What words did we read on the t-shirt in the Museum?

3D Form & Function (1-2): What patterns did you paint on your cardboard sculpture? Name three paper modeling forms that you folded / cut today! Which one was your favorite?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): How does one begin a wrapped coil pot? What are the strings in a weaving called? (Answer: warp! weft!)

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): How did you build your teapot? What does each teapot part (handle, spout, body, lid) do? How does the form represent its function?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What new techniques did you learn today? What project are you most excited to complete?

Week 7- Monday, August 6th

Mondays are Magical @ CAM Create Camps! 

Welcome all campers! Today we kicked off some amazing camps filled with textile design, clay, sculpture and more! Take a look below to see these busy artists working all day long. 

Mini Makers (Kindergarten) started the week off strong, by learning how to create a pinch pot. The word of the day was Function and they put this to the test with their original tea pot creations. Such strong sculptures- all containing a handle, a spout, and a vessel!

3D Form & Function (1+2) worked on their functional felt pieces. They stuffed these full of fluff, and shared their thoughts with the class. These “squishy wearables” were quite a hit. Ask your camper about their first day!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) started off the day by braiding yarn, and practicing knots and ties. They created stencil patterns to be screen printed in the afternoon using a squeegee and silkscreen. These turned out so nice!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) spent the day rolling out slabs and painting with colored slip. After these set up, they carved into the pieces using a sgraffito method. Ask your camper about their process today!

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens) began their two week session by creating sketchbooks and brainstorming for project ideas. They spent the afternoon in the ceramic vault gaining inspiration, then walked back to the studio to create slab vessels and containers.

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What was the word of the day? What does that word mean? Share with your grown up: How was your first day of art camp?

3D Form & Function (1-2): What is form? What is function? Share with your grown-up: What projects did you work on today?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): What is a silkscreen? Share with your grown up: Explain the process of screenprinting. What does your stencil look like?

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What hand-building method did you learn today? What did you look at for inspiration today?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What hand-building method did you learn today? What did you look at in the vault with Ms. Emily and Mr. David?