Week 8, Wednesday, August 14th

This Wednesday was a Wild Ride of Fun + Creativity!

Daily Snapshots of Life @ CAM Create Camps



Mini Makers (Kindergarten) explored shape + color today and the variety each of those can display. They looked to The Alexander Girard Dolls for inspiration. These forms are filled with patterns, and they are great examples of design! In the studio, mini makers created their own Girard Dolls, mimicking the variety of shapes they explored earlier. After snack, the young artists used a stamping method to create landscape pieces. Thinking about how the repetition of shapes created a larger whole is an important skill to have!


Questions for your artist:

What features make up a face + body? 


Share with you grown-up:

Explain the Girard dolls that you looked at with Ms. Lindsey today. What was your favorite part about them?

Continue the creativity:

At home, find an extra clothespin lying around. Think about how you could make this clothespin into another miniature Girard Doll!



Design (Grades 1-2) campers put in the design skills today! What is something we wear everyday from place to place?! SHOES! Designers ideated plans for shoes and executed those plans with cardboard, foam, ribbon, fabric, and much more. In the afternoon, designers created masks by using a Paper Mache process. Ask your camper about their silly mask!


Questions for your artist:

What is form versus function?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the process of designing a shoe from beginning to end. 


Continue the creativity:

At home, use found objects to create another piece of wearable art. Before you create this, brainstorm a plan in your sketchbook. Think about form, color, texture, and pattern! Include all of these in your sketches. Maybe you can show Ms. Kapish and Ms. Anke at camp tomorrow!



Clay (Grades 3-5) artists started the morning with Paper Mache! Their totem pole animals need a couple layers of glue + newspaper before adding a surface design/texture. In the afternoon, artists made clay beads for a necklace, bracelet, or keychain! They ended the day with floating pinch pots that they placed in the pond by the trails. Ask you camper if their piece was successful in this floating forest adventure!


Questions for your artist:

What animal did you create for the collaborative totem pole?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the process of creating a pinch pot. What about the process of making gives it the name “pinch pot”?


Continue the creativity:

When you go home today, sketch some ideas for your totem pole surface. What color will your animal be? How will you showcase the correct texture of the animal Use markers, colored pencils, and crayons to ideate.



Fiber + Textile (Grades 6-8): artists explored the process of needle felting in the morning. They used special needles that push and tangle wool fibers together to create images, patterns, and designs. This process requires focus + repetition – and these campers just that! In the afternoon, the teens explored papermaking. They used ripped paper that has been soaked in water as the base. The process requires a mold and deckle- a frame and screen that picks these pieces up from the water, and forms the paper. Then, they applied pressure to this form which releases all the excess water. The paper needs to lay flat to dry, but 24 hours later, it should be ready. Wow- what a day of work for these kiddos!


Questions for your artist:

What did you create using the needle felting technique? Did it turn out how you planned?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the details of the papermaking process. Was this techniques successful? What is your opinion of the process?


Continue the creativity:

When you get home today, gather your sketchbook, a pencil, and a coloring tool. Create an idea for a handmade book- using handmade paper, a cardboard cover, and binding techniques. Maybe one day you can make this plan a reality!

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