Week 8, Tuesday, August 13th

Tuesdays are TONS of fun @ CAM Create Camps!

Daily Snapshots of Life @ CAM Create Camps



Mini Makers (Kindergarten) theme of the day was portrait + facial expressions. They worked with mixed media techniques to create collages, inspired by Eduardo Ponjuan’s work in LandLord Colors: On Art, Economy and Materiality. They used newspaper, buttons, found images, etc. to compose facial expressions. After snack, the mini makers free painted- expressing their truest emotions through marks on paper.


Questions for your artist:

What is a portrait? 


Share with you grown-up:

Explain the artwork you saw in the museum today. What was it made of? 

Continue the creativity:

Look in the mirror and make a face. Investigate the shape, direction, and curve of your mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and nose. Use crayons or colored pencils to create a silly self-portrait!



Design (Grades 1-2) campers showed knowledge of placement and arrangement with their “Collaging me Crazy” project today! They looked to____ in Landlord Colors: On Art, Economy, and Materiality. In the afternoon, first and second graders created absurd object sculptures- a silly project that asks the classic question- form or function? Many fruits, phones, and vegetables were created from the prompt! After recess, campers went to the museum to look at artwork for inspiration. Ask you camper about what they saw in the gallery today- it was quite an interesting piece!


Questions for your artist:

What is a collage? What are some important tips when collaging images together?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the artwork you looked at in the gallery today. How did that piece make you feel? What was your favorite part of the piece? Do you think this is a collage or a sculpture?


Continue the creativity:

At home, look through old magazines, mail, and newspaper. Rip patterns up to create a paper mosaic. Think of an object, person, or animal that means something to you and use a mosaic method to create an artwork with collage materials. 



Clay (Grades 3-5) artists continued on their glaze train this morning- finishing up some pieces that made it out of the kiln this week. In the afternoon, clay artists started to create 3D forms using another media- cardboard! These will be animal forms that will be part of a larger totem pole installation. Stay tuned to see theses structures complete later this week!


Questions for your artist:

What projects did you glaze today?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the process of glazing a fired piece. What tips do you have for people who haven’t done it before. 


Continue the creativity:

When you go home today, practice looking and sketching. Use different subject matter to test your observational drawing skills. Gestural drawings- or movement drawings- will help you understand how forms move and flow! 30 second drawings of people walking, talking, dancing, etc. are a great way to practice these techniques.



Fiber + Textile (Grades 6-8): artists continued to work hard on their narrative quilts. They have layered up and up and up with detail- and it sure is paying off! These completed wall hangings will look amazing on any wall! In the afternoon, the teens explored yarn basket weaving techniques. Their patience and dedication to the craft is admirable. Ask your camper about their triumphs and trials of the basket weaving process!


Questions for your artist:

What stage are you at on your narrative quilt?

Share with your grown up:

Talk about the friends you are making at camp. Do you value your classmates’ feedback? How do you like your instructor?


Continue the creativity:

When you get home today, gather your sketchbook + pencil. If you have old fabric or patterned paper- even better. The inside of envelopes, newspaper, ads, plastic wrap, foil, etc. all are great collage materials! Use these to arrange a new composition that is abstract OR representational. Use glue to attach to the paper. Just like your arranged your narrative quilts, you can arrange a new art piece that tells a fresh story.

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