Week 8, Monday, August 12th

Welcome to the last week of CAM Create Camps. Wow – oh – wow! This summer flew by!

Daily Snapshots of Life @ CAM Create Camps



Mini Makers (Kindergarten) theme of the day was figure and pose. They created sculptures- 3D forms- based off their observations in the gallery this morning. Their inspiration was the “Cross Legged Figure” sculpture by Willem de Kooning. Back in the studio, mini makers used clay and foil to create 3D forms. What amazing results they achieved on their first day!


Questions for your artist:

What is a figure? Who is Willem de Kooning?


Share with you grown-up:

Explain the artwork you saw in the museum today.

Continue the creativity:

Now that you’ve learned about sculpture, try to create another form out of foil, plastic wrap, or parchment paper at home. Have your grown up pose and try to sculpt their position!



Design (Grades 1-2) campers started off strong today with handmade sketchbooks! They folded their paper + felt covers and tied them into a book. Designers used the entire morning to decorate their sketchbooks- personalizing them with names, favorite foods, logos, and textural materials. Every great designer needs a space to brainstorm- and these sketchbooks will be just that! Throughout the week, artists will use these to ideate and plan. In the afternoon, campers learned a new stamping technique. They created a stamp from foam and wood pieces, which was used for block-printed patterns on tote bags!


Questions for your artist:

What is a stamp?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the job of a designer. What is their role in the world?


Continue the creativity:

When you return home today, think about design. What does it mean to you? Where do you see it in your house? Using pencil, design your dream room! Use colored pencils to add textures, shapes, and value!



Clay (Grades 3-5) artists returned from the weekend ready to glaze, glaze, GLAZE! Many ceramic pieces went through a second firing and are now complete to their glasslike and final stage! More glazing will happen throughout the week- so don’t forget to check back later to see some finished pieces. Collaboration was key today as artists worked in groups to brainstorm, sketch, and make. Team-building skills were crucial to today’s tasks and we are so proud of how well the clay crew did!


Questions for your artist:

What did you glaze today? How did you pieces turn out from last week?

Share with your grown up:

Explain your experience working in teams today. What was the hardest part about collaboration? What was the best part about collaboration?


Continue the creativity:

When you go home today, create a drawing based off of today’s group activity. Use markers and colored pencils to complete the art piece. Don’t forget to add as many details as possible- texture, line, shape, and even words or descriptions! This attention to detail will bring the piece to life!



Fiber + Textile (Grades 6-8): artists began an ambitious project today inspired by the artist Faith Ringgold. Ringgold’s work explores narrative through found-fabric quilting. The teens took this project on with poise and diligence! They glued, stitched, arranged, and puzzled images together to create one large composition. Trees, portraits, space, and flowers are just some of the in-progress projects being created today!


Questions for your artist:

What is a composition?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the technique you used to create this narrative quilt. What was your favorite part about today? 


Continue the creativity:

When you get home today, gather your sketchbook + pencil. If you could create another image from the same story on your quilt, what would it be? Use your pencil to sketch the next scene of your story. Add color with colored pencils + markers.

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