Week 7, Friday, August 9th

Fridays are full of fantastic learning, fun looking, and fancy making!

Daily Snapshots of Life @ CAM Create Camps


Mini Makers (Kindergarten) focus for today was PATTERNS! They read the book, “My First Book of Patterns” which inspired them to create patterned popsicles in the studio! Once they finished snack, they went hunting for natural objects to use in their second project at camp. They used these to stick onto contact paper for a magical suncatcher, just waiting to be hung in the living room window!

Questions for your artist:

What is a pattern?


Share with you grown-up:

Explain one example of a pattern.

Continue the creativity:

Now that you’ve learned about patterns, create a repetitive pattern of different sized circles!



Printmaking (Grades 1-2) created many patterns today encompassing all of the techniques they learned at printmaking camp. In the morning, they drew designs into Styrofoam to be printed on paper. These designs bled off the paper so that they could continue forever! In the afternoon, they silkscreen printed and created shoe prints into model clay! Don’t forget to let these dry for 1-2 days.


Questions for your artist:

What is a silk screen print?

Share with your grown up:

Explain the process of printing with your shoes today!


Continue the creativity:

When you return home for the weekend, try creating your own carvings with old Styrofoam plates and a dull pencil. Show your grown-up how it’s done! Use paint or ink to stamp that image on a separate piece of paper. 



Clay (Grades 3-5) artists glazed many of their pieces today. They used a glaze splatter technique for a couple of their fired pieces. We can’t wait to see how these turned out! In the afternoon, things got wild with clay self-portraits! These wacky representations of themselves show so much creative growth and a hint of humor!


Questions for your artist:

What has been your favorite project of the week?

Share with your grown up:

Talk about what you are most excited for during next week’s camp!


Continue the creativity:

Practice sketching at home this weekend. Think about forms, textures, shapes, space, color, and line. These are some of the basic elements of art! Think about creating a 2D self-portrait.



Fiber + Textile (Grades 6-8): artists rocked out a batik process on totes today. In the afternoon, they created patchwork pillows and stuffed them to their softest! Found fabric of all colors and patterns was the basis of these pieces. Once they complteted that project, they spent the rest of the day working on Diamond Eyes made from yarn and popsicle sticks.


Questions for your artist:

What is batik? Explain the process you took to create today.

Share with your grown up:

Explain your technique for the patchwork pillow.


Continue the creativity:

Think about one think you wish to improve on from this week. Make a sketchbook plan for this revision OR better yet- try it at home if you have the materials!

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