Week 8- Thursday, August 16th

Thankful for art in our lives on this Thursday @ CAM Create Camps!

Although there were storms a brewin’, we still got outside for recess! Stayin’ active really motivated us to create some masterpieces today. 

Mini Makers (Kindergarten) word of the day was applique. To understand this term, they create animal capes and masks! Once they finished up in the studio, mini makers shared details about their 3D collages from yesterday. Tune in tomorrow to see how they end the week!

DIY Textile Design (1+2) campers completed their circle looms in the morning. They transferred their weaving skills to real looms in the afternoon! Warping and wefting away, these mini artists gave their best effort today. In the gallery, they prepared for tomorrows “identity flag” project by looking at A Superhero Costume Mark Newport in the museum’s vault. Stay tuned to see how these identity flags turn out tomorrow!

3D Form & Function (3+4) had a busy day of making! Their inspiration came from many chair designs in Cranbrook’s permanent collection. In the morning, campers focused on finishing their lamps. In the afternoon, they created miniature tents using chopsticks, and paper- adding marks and surface decorations.

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers got the chance to see some of their ceramic pieces come out of the kiln! They worked hard (all day) to complete their paper mache vessels. Color and surface design was added to these amazing forms! They finished the day strong with amazing wearable polymer clay pieces!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teens got to see some of the reveal today! Look below to see a few of the ceramic pieces that are done firing. In the afternoon, they took on an adventurous project- site-specific sculpting! This process was super fun, and the teens made some awesome forms.

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is applique? What did you see in the museum today? Share with your grown-up: What wearable piece did you make today? Did it represent a specific animal?

DIY Textile Design (1-2): Share with your grown-up: Describe the process of weaving on a REAL loom.

3D Form & Function (3-4): Share with your grown-up: What was your favorite chair design from our vault trip today? Explain how you wrapped the structure of your mini tent.

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): Share with your grown-up: What does iridescent mean? What differences and similarities did you notice about polymer clay versus real clay?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): Share with your grown-up: What is site-specific sculpting? Did you enjoy the process? Why or why not?

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