Week 8- Wednesday, August 15th

Waves of creativity on this Wednesday @ CAM Create Camps!

Mid-week feels–but that doesn’t stop us from having a great time at art camp! Take a look at some of the thought-provoking artwork we made today.

Mini Makers (Kindergarten) were inspired by Louise Nevelson in the gallery today. They took all this knowledge of found objects and put it to the test in their own sculptures! Check out the amazing placement and magical design on these projects!

DIY Textile Design (1+2) campers learned how to make circle loom weavings. These radial designs show the artists’ understanding of color and persistence! In the morning, they made original button designs to pin on their clothes.. loud and proud.

3D Form & Function (3+4) designed lamps today! They started with three designs on paper, and used cardboard, yarn, and paper to bring these designs to life! In the afternoon, the campers went to the museum to see the Punk Exhibition to inspire their pop-themed text constructions.

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) started mosaic designs today. These patterns were poppin’ with color, texture and form! In the afternoon, campers got their hands dirty with large vessel sculptures made from paper mache! These are sure to impress!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teen campers took a trip to Rainbow Fountain today! They were inspired by the tiles (and the snapping turtle they saw on the way back!) and the colorful patterning. This informed their mosaic and collage projects in the afternoon!


Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is a found object? What did you look at in the museum today? Share with your grown-up: What objects did you choose to use for your artwork today?

DIY Textile Design (1-2): Share with your grown-up: Describe the process it takes to switch colors on a circle weaving. What colors did you choose and why?

3D Form & Function (3-4): Share with your grown-up: Why did you choose to design your specific lamp? Explain any function your lamp may have?

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): Share with your grown-up: Explain the process of making your giant vessel. Explain your mosaic pattern from the morning project.

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): Share with your grown-up: How was your walk to rainbow fountain? How did this inform your mosaic design?

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