Week 7- Friday, August 10th

Weekend on our mind, Friday’s feelin’ fine!

It’s the end of art camp for Minis, DIY, and Form & Function and today was a bittersweet goodbye. If you are a clay artist, we get to hang out all next week! What an exciting time at Cranbrook Art Museum camp.

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word “Pattern”. These artist rocked out on their last day with beautiful pattern paintings on canvas. Their expressive marks and bright colors made the room light up!

3D Form & Function (1+2) This morning, first and second graders bent, curled, and twisted paper to make 3D wall hanging designs. These really popped with color and texture! In the afternoon, campers created paper structures like bridges and buildings. These first and second graders showed such creativity this week and we are so proud!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) campers started the morning by adding pattern to their identity flags using all sorts of embellishments. The rest of the day was spent completing their weavings for final display. These artists made us very proud this week and we will surely miss them!

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers had an all day underglaze party today! Underglaze allows for color and surface decoration before the sculptures enter the kiln. Tune in next week to see how these turn out. The best part of clay class is the big reveal once the sculptures come out of the kiln!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teen campers finished up underglaze today and started thinking about next week. The kiln has been loaded and we are super excited to see what happens when they come out from the firing! Ask your camper what their favorite project was this week  Stay tuned for more pictures to come.


Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What materials did you use today? What patterns did you create with?

3D Form & Function (1-2): Share with your grown-up: How did you bend, twist, and curl paper to create your 3D wall hanging design?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): Share with your grown-up: How did you use a stamping process for your identity flags? How did you end and tie off your weaving today?

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What is underglaze? At one point in the firing process do you use underglaze?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What forms did you explore today in your sculptures? Share with your grown-up: What does the inside of a kiln look like?

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