Week 7- Thursday, August 9th

Tryin’ our hardest and makin’ our best today @ CAM Camps!

Today’s sun, cool breeze, and blue skies really kept us motivated to create our best work yet. From recycled object models, to identity flags these artists rocked this day!

Mini Makers (Kindergarten)  spent their day learning about the word “model”. The morning began with a trip to the vault to investigate Cranbrook architectural models. Then, it was back to the studio to create some of their own! These sculptures came out very nice- full of form and color.

3D Form & Function (1+2) campers explored lamps by Eliel Saarinen in the vault today. These mini designers took this inspiration with them to the studio. See the photos below of their lamp designs. We are so proud of the first and second graders’ understanding form and space!

DIY Textile Design (3+4) Campers reflected on their cyanotypes with a class critique in the morning. They went to visit fibers pieces by Mark Newport and Sherri Smith in the vault. In the afternoon, artists created identity flags using mixed media. To create their patterns, they used a relief print method (stamping method) and added to these with embellishments such as pom poms and sequins.

Sculpt with Clay (5+6) campers were working hard today! The fifth and sixth graders made treasure boxes and bobble head figures. These projects need to completely dry out before they go in the kiln to be fired. Check back in with us tomorrow and next week to see what we will do to create surface textures and colors!

Ceramics & Sculpture Teens started their day with a nature walk to gather supplies for clay texture! They worked hard on their in progress sculptures and started some new pieces as well. Ask your teen about their day today! What was their best moment? What was a moment where they saw growth? What do they hope for tomorrow?

Questions for Campers:

Mini Makers (Kindergarten): What is the word of the day? What did you see in the vault today? What is your favorite part about the project you made?

3D Form & Function (1-2): What were the challenges and triumphs of today? Who is Eliel Saarinen? Does your lamp have a function?

DIY Textile Design (3-4): How is your weaving coming along? What colors did you choose and why? Explain to your grown-up the process of using the sewing machine.

Sculpt with Clay (5-6): What clay techniques did you learn today? Share with your grown-up: How did you create the bobble head piece so that it will jiggle but not fall off?

Ceramics & Sculpture (Teens): What is a relief sculpture? Share with your grown-up:Explain the texture you created with nature objects today.

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