Week 8, day 2 – Aug 15th!

This Tuesday ALL of our campers visited the current exhibitions where they observed and learned from artwork on display.

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Mini Makers learned all about WEAVING. They looked at colorful woven textiles by Marianne Strengell and Alexander Girard before learning how to weave in the classroom. The class did a large group weaving and tiny mixed-media weavings to take home.


EXPLORE: Art & Nature (1st-2nd)

Explorers painted watercolor landscapes on burlap in preparation for their watercolor embroideries. They’ll learn to embroider yarn patterns over-top tomorrow. This afternoon, campers visited the Finland 100 exhibit to look at weavings by artist, and former CAA Artist-in-Resident, Marianne Strengell before starting their nature weavings on stick looms made and gathered on a campus walk.


MOLD I: Ceramics & Clay (3rd-4th)

Mini Molders visited New Domestic Landscapes and learned about functional ceramic designs in the home. Campers set the stage for their own ceramic diorama installations – painting the background, and building props. After lunch they played with patterns on their bisque tile designs and glazed pots and vases.


MOLD II: Ceramics & Clay (5th-6th)

Our other ceramic camp visited the Alexander Girard exhibit to look at tablescapes and settings Girard designed for Maharam. Then they sculpted miniatures of their favorite foods including tomatoes, mushrooms, pizza, and sushi! This afternoon they glazed and added details to pots and vases.


DESIGN: Spaces & Places (7th-9th, teen workshop)

Today our Designers were all about latch hook and logos. The morning was spent designing geometric patterns and latch-hooking small squares inspired by textiles the group saw in Saarinen House. This afternoon, they looked at branding Alexander Girard did for various restaurants in New York. Designers created their own brand and logo which were added to cups, plates, and cards.