Week 7, day 4 – Aug 10th!

This Thursday both of our Design camps visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Smith House, and created projects inspired by the space’s interior! And after a week of constructing, Mold I & II see their ceramic pieces head to the kiln tonight to be fired!

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Mini Makers talked about ARCHITECTURE and 2D representations of buildings. They visited the museum to look at Girard’s castle-like designs before creating their own colorful, geometric houses. Campers layered tissue on their cardboard forms and created doors, windows, roofs, and fences to customize the exteriors.


DESIGN I: Spaces & Places (1st-2nd)

Mini Designers also looked at two-dimensional representations of buildings. They learned from blue prints and plans drawn for the camps building space in 2011 AND went to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Smith House in the afternoon. Designers learned all about architects and the design process, and how some designers like FLW designed ALL aspects of a home from the windows to the chairs. Then, campers created their own floor plans and printed them in the sun on cyanotype paper.


MOLD I: Ceramics & Clay (3rd-4th)

This morning Molders worked as masons, creating clay bricks and building their own castles. This afternoon they sculpted floating sea creatures with colorful clay, and started glazing Monday’s pinch and coil pots.


MOLD II: Ceramics & Clay (5th-6th)

Mold II built vases inspired by yesterday’s trip to the ceramics vault, and started forming molded discs and shapes for their word banners. Campers glazed their face components to be fired and strung into mobiles tomorrow, and finished shaping their dinnerware sets!


DESIGN I: Spaces & Places (7th-9th, teen workshop)

Designers finished their amazing conversation pit models, and moved on the pattern and print making. Campers designed their own stamp patterns and transferred them to canvas fabric. Each camper printed custom fabric patterns and sewed them into small personal pillows. This afternoon the class visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Smith House and talked about interiors – including pillow and textile design, and the intricate woodwork seen in the furniture and walls.