Week 7, day 2 – Aug 8th!

Happy Tuesday! Today all of our campers were inspired by artworks in our current exhibitions.

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Minis talked about PATTERN, REPETITION, and SHAPE (specifically, triangles) this morning while looking at Girard’s triangle fabric. In the art room, mini’s drew and cut triangles, layered them in paper collage, and used triangle shaped sponges to print another layer of depth on top!


DESIGN I: Spaces & Places (1st-2nd)

This morning, Designers taped and painted over their own leaded glass window designs – inspired by shapes seen on yesterday’s campus window walk. They visited the conversation pit in the art museum, inspired by Girard’s design installed at the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana. Designers talked about color, shape, light, and mood – how an environment can affect emotions. They used this information to create mood boards for their own conversation pits, selecting fabrics, art, colors, and furniture to complete their designs.


MOLD I: Ceramics & Clay (3rd-4th)

Mini Molders also investigated shape today – designing their own plastic stencils and tracing tissue shapes for layered, paper collages inspired by an early morning visit to see Alexander Girard’s printed, layered textile designs. After lunch, Molders combined simple shapes to build their own clay animals and then used this morning’s plastic stencils to cut slab clay shapes to layer into patterned plates.


MOLD II: Ceramics & Clay (5th-6th)

Mold II used slab and shaping techniques learned on Monday and applied pattern, texture, and surface decoration with sgraffito on pots and (what will be magnetic) tiles. This afternoon, taking inspiration from Alexander Girard’s patterns, campers made small textured tiles, looking to pattern inspirations in nature in the Cranbrook gardens, sketching designs for a set of three tiles.


DESIGN II: Spaces & Places (7th-9th, teen workshop)

Designers are learning about architectural symbols used on renderings, blueprints, and plans in preparation for their own dream house designed. Campers then created mood boards, pulling images and ideas from magazines for dream spaces. This afternoon they looked at the structural concept of the conversation pit, designed by Alexander Girard for the mid-century masterpiece, the Miller House. Looking to their mood boards and Girard’s design, campers made their own conversation pit mini-models.