Week 6, day 4 – Aug 3rd!

We’ve had two big days at camp! All of our sessions looked at artwork in the Museum’s vault, as well as fountains, buildings, and trails on campus. We even had a Thursday afternoon field trip to a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Today, Minis talked about POSITIVE and NEGATIVE space with their polka-dot printmaking project. Modeled after colorful geometric shapes in Alexander Girard’s textile designs, Mini’s learned about STAMPING and PRINTMAKING, transferring paint to paper using aluminum muffin tins.


MOLD: Ceramics & Clay (1st-2nd)

Mold camp visited the mosaic Rainbow Fountain, featuring Pewabic tiles, on the grounds at Cranbrook Kingswood High School. After which campers created their own tile mosaic mandalas, first with paper, then with mini-tiles.


EXPLORE: Art & Nature (3rd-4th)

Explore finished up their paper mache cacti, nature weavings, and learned to embroider on watercolor burlap paintings. They spent a rainy afternoon indoors learning how to create animal miniatures using water felting.


DESIGN: Spaces & Places (5th-6th)

Today, Design was all about floor plans. They designed their dream house on graph paper from a birds eye view, before transferring their design to transparent paper to print blue prints in the sun. This afternoon, Design visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Smith House and learned about FLW’s role as architect, furniture designer, and about the art collection of Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Stein Smith.


MOLD: Ceramics & Clay (7th-9th, teen workshop)

After a final firing this week the Ceramics workshop pieced projects together including Polymer Puppet Projects, Letter Banners, and Portrait Mobiles. This afternoon the class went for a kind-of rainy walk to look at Carl Milles’ bronze sculptures on campus. Then they designed trophies inspired by Milles’ smooth shapes and forms.