Week 6, day 2 – Aug 1st!

Happy Tuesday! Today all of our campers visited current exhibits in the Art Museum. They observed and learned from artwork in Finland 100, Cranbrook: A New Domestic Landscape, and Alexander Girard: A Designer’s Universe.

MINI MAKERS (Kindergarten)

Today Mini’s learned about KINETIC ART, looking at Alexander Girard’s Kinetic Mobile. Campers considered elements of balance, color, and form, while stringing Popsicle sticks and beads together to create their own vibrant moving mobiles!


MOLD: Ceramics & Clay (1st-2nd)

Mold campers visited our New Domestic Landscape exhibit to look at examples of modern ceramics by Anders Ruhwald and Sharan Elran – talking form and function in decorative art. This afternoon, campers created diorama to store their own mini furniture models and made relief tiles, learning the difference between raised sculpture and sculpture in the round.


DESIGN: Spaces & Places (3rd-4th)

Designers sketched and taped their leaded glass window patterns, inspired by windows the group saw yesterday at Saarinen house, before hanging out in Alexander Girard’s conversation pit, modeled after the Miller House design in Columbus, Indiana. Then the group designed their own conversation pit mood boards – thinking about color, texture, shape, and interiors.


EXPLORE: Art & Nature (5th-6th)

Explore continued work on their Ana Mendieta Siluetas and added a layer of paper mache to the cactus projects. This afternoon, they looked at examples of woven textiles by Marianne Strengell in the Finland 100 exhibit before creating their own nature inspired weavings on stick looms. The group also looked at May Morris’ Bed Hangings, discussing embroidery techniques in preparation for tomorrow’s leaf and flower embroideries.


MOLD: Ceramics & Clay (7th-9th, teen workshop)

Our Mold workshop spent the morning building collage reliefs with polymer molding clay, of window frames and the world outside. In the afternoon, the class headed to the museum to see Alexander Girard’s collection of folk art figures.